Accept payments

You are an entrepreneur? you are a company? you have for major concern the sale of your products or services online? Then Notch Pay offers you a wide range of services that will allow you to accept payments from your customers in Central and West Africa.

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Neat features

The platform offers more to make your life easier, and we constantly update the platform to add or improve features. The best is yet to come!

One time payments

Sell your products and services online easily and quickly.

Recurring payments

Offer subscriptions that resemble to your customers and automate the payments.

Payment request

Create a manual link that will allow your customers to pay you directly.

Powerful dashboard

We provide you with a dashboard that helps you visualize your revenues and track your transactions.

Regular reports

During regular intervals we inform you about the status of your account, transactions etc.

Trackable transaction

You can see in real time the status changes of your transactions.

Automatic payouts

Schedule automatic money transfers at regular intervals.

Excellent instrument panel

We focus on the most intuitive way for you to track your transactions.

Live support

Talk to our support experts by phone, email, or chat.


Collaborate with your teams easily with our friendly dashboard.
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Send money to your friends and family, pay your bills, accept payments on your applications, websites in seconds.

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