Our mission is to democratize financial transactions in Africa.

We eliminate complexity and empower businesses and individuals to create unlimited opportunities with an intuitive and secure payment aggregator.

About Us

Notch Pay is a technology company that makes it easy to send and receive money anywhere in the world. We are a facilitator of financial transactions for our customers at the local national and international level as we are involved in all aspects of money transfer money transfer, acting as a third party agent.

With our strong partnerships with financial institutions, corporate clients (supermarkets, energy companies, telecommunication companies and many others), we allow our users to feel comfortable with our aggregators and to gain productivity and even efficiency while saving money and time.

Mission and Vision

We offer a variety of services in money transfer, mobile and merchant payment with the intention of offering the best of all services. Notch Pay aims to bring together as many payment methods as possible in one environment so that every person and organization is open to the world wherever they are.

  • Our goal is to meet the growing demand for financial services (money transfer, bill payment, ...).
  • Our mission is to enable unbanked people, e-merchants or entrepreneurs, companies to have access to payment aggregators (online, offline) and also allow individuals to make transactions easily anywhere in the world without constraints.
  • We want to be the safest financial transaction platform in the sub-region and more than anything else to democratize money transfer.

Meet our super heroes

Our friendly team members are always ready to meet your current requirements and provide suggestions for your future needs.

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Chapdel KAMGA


Chapdel KAMGA


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